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Hi, I'm Thom Ng. I'm a Principal Trading Rep & CMT® with PhillipCapital.

About Me

Being a seasoned stockbroker with more than 20 years of investing/trading experience, I have served & helped thousands of my clients navigate the treacherous waters of the world's stockmarkets. It helps that I'm also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT®) which means I can easily scan through 42 global charts and immediately weave you the Story of the World!

Now, making consistent money in the stockmarkets or for that matter, any markets, is not really that difficult. For a start, you need to remember one simple principle - 'Successful investing is anticipating the anticipation of others', so says the late British economist John Maynard Keynes.

If you really want to find out more what this statement truly means, let's talk!


Identify major market cycle turning points

Generate extremely valuable trading ideas

For the investor in you - do you want executable long term investment ideas where the Cycle has yet to turn up & the Crowd has yet to come in?

They say seeing is believing.

Take a look at some of my calls for major markets turning points (eg. 2016 Equities Bull Market, 2017 Bitcoin Bull Market, 2017 Crude Oil Bull Market) that were posted in my investment memos and social media channels.

Pls click here.

Now for the trader in you - do you want executable short to medium trading ideas that shows clearly defined trading parameters such as entry price, target price, cut loss price & risk-reward ratio?

Again, seeing is believing.

Pls click the following links to see examples of my many profitable stocks calls that were posted in my social medium channels. Pls click here or here.

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Whatsyourtradingangle (WYTA) Investment Memo

Show me the Chart & I'll tell you the news - Bernard Baruch

For the astute investor in you who wants a viewpoint that is different from the mainstream run-of-the-mill analysis, this is one investment memo you have to follow.


Thought-provoking and yet coherent, my monthly memo covers the S&P500 Index, HSI & STI as well as the inter-market relationships between them.

GoldCommodities, Bond Yields & the Dollar  Index are in my radar too.

Pls click WYTA in the menu on top.

My Expertise

My Services.

Introduction to PhillipCapital's full suite of services & Account Opening Process

Complimentary portfolio review for self-directed investments (DIY)

PhillipCapital offers an award-winning investment platform (POEMS) that allows you (Individual or Corporate) to access a suite of financial services and products such as unit trusts and ETFs as well as 26 global exchanges namely US, China A-share & Hong Kong, etc.

Use one trading 'passport' to access them all.

Open a POEMS Investment account today!

If you already have a portfolio of Equities / ETFs / Unit Trusts and not sure which one to add, hold or fold, you will be glad I'm here to help.

With more than 20 years of my experience in the world's capital markets, rest assured you will be getting quality advice!

Transfer your Equities and Unit Trusts holdings to POEMS today!

Journey into Semi-Discretionary Advisory (SDA)

Journey into Full-Discretionary Advisory (FDA)

For clients who wish to be involved in the investment journey and receive professional investment advice from a seasoned representative, this may be the service for you.

Receive expert advice from me, your investment 'sparring partner' who will recommend equities/ETFs or Unit Trusts and assist to place trades for you upon your confirmation.

Find out more with a non-obligatory discussion with Thom.

For clients who do not want to actively manage your portfolio but wish to enjoy market-beating returns, this discretionary portfolio management service is the one for you.


True wealth is having the choice to free up your time to fully enjoy the things you love to do in life.


Portfolio customization possible. 

Find out more with a non-obligatory discussion with Thom.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Legacy and Trust services

PhillipCapital has access to many IPO and private placement deals.


We also offer blockchain-backed rare & vintage whisky tokens and En Primeur tokens.

In addition, in my personal capacity, I have access to external fund-raising activities with public & private corporations.



Accredited Investors only.

What is another definition of true wealth?

If I could borrow & tweak a line from a renowned swiss watch manufacturer's campaign - 'You never actually own true wealth, you merely look after it for the next generation'.


I am delighted to partner with one of the leading Legacy & Trust Advisory team in PhillipCapital to offer said services to my valued Clients. 

Contact me for a non-obligatory discussion.

My Services

If you don't know jewelry, know the jeweler.

Warren Buffet

Let's Talk
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